Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Certain forms of stress are good for you e.g. anticipating a reward. However stress which begins to affect you is undesirable. Such a condition needs change. Although we can not change the world we can change how we react to it.

The first step is to look for the cause or causes of your stress reaction. There are 100's of stress factors and even though you may not know what  causes your particular stress it will probably fall into one of the following major categories.

*  You have inherited a model for stress.

You learn how to behave from watching others and what situations produce predictable behaviour patterns. If family members showed stress you would inherit it by copying the model.

* You experience stress because you have a type A personality.

  • Prone to your own overachievement
  • Habit of forcing yourself to work towards unrealistic goals
  • Consistently competitive
  • Constantly aware of time and prone to rushing
  • Quick to show anger
  • Cynical

Recognise yourself yet?

You are addicted to stress and such stress could act as a start for illness, particuarly heart attacks.

*You experience stress because of fears, awfulising and 'should'.

You focus on nightmares, catastrophising, worst alternatives produce a continual stress. 'Shoulds' are disruptive to emotional wellbeing. They are rules you believe you must live by: you punish yourself with condemnation eg ' I should be perfect'. You are living with an invisible list of burdens.

* You experience stress because of inescapable pain and discomfort.

This type of stress comes from a real cause. Both physical and emotional sensations are felt. You feel set apart, isolated, perhaps guilty and angry at being the 'sufferer'.

How can hypnotherapy help?

By pinpointing the when,where and why of the stress, you become more aware of the response patterns. Thinking of positive, realistic replacement responses helps the subconscious mind so tha it can be reprogrammed. In this way you can manage your stresses in a better more meaningful pattern, because you have far greater understanding of the underlying causes.

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