Monday, 11 June 2012

June Blog

June Blog

Just  the other day I was in the lovely village of Dent.

Just imagine seeing green meadows,

Rolling hills,

Feel the warm sunshine

On your face,

Smell spring in the air,

Newly baked bread,

The touch of the warm walls,

Hearing the birdsong

And the gentle warm breeze.

Hear the babble of the beck,

The occasional baa-ing of the lambs

And the mooing cows sitting in the shade.

It was a timeless zone.

The streets echoed a bygone age.

Being somewhere,

With no traffic,

No hustle and bustle,

Time to unwind.


That’s the thing to do.

Unburden the thoughts,

Undo the anxiety,

Unleash the joy of relaxation.

Nurture yourself,

Nestled in the narrow streets of Dent.

Knowing a sense of safety and security,

Positively around you,

Beneath the rolling hillsides,

Like arms outstretched ,

To cradle and hold you,

While you learn again

To just let go and relax.

Experience once again

A peace,

A quiet,

A stillness,

A timeless existence.

Time to evaluate the outcomes you seek,

Examine your inner self.

If you think this is a special place,

Yes – it is !

Just imagine,

If you could take all these qualities and thoughts,

Which Dent encaptures.

Just imagine,

Recapturing these feelings,


Any time,


To feel that peace once again.


For we all have a special place within us.

Where is your special place?


Just stop,


Breathe deeply and slowly,

Be safe in your environment.

Just close your eyes

And think about being

Transported to your special place.

Imagine just doing that.

At any time,

 It is safe,

 For you to do so.


What magic that would be.

And guess what?  

Something really fantastic.


When you know where your special place is.

So where is your special place?