Thursday, 5 July 2012

July Blog

July Blog

Just Unconditionally Love Yourself


Stop what you’re doing

Sit down

And relax.

Just take a long, slow, deep breath in,

Through your nose,

Followed by a longer, slow breath out,

Through your mouth.

Just continue breathing in with a long, slow, deep breath through your nose

And as you breathe out

Just think


Let your shoulders relax.

Repeat this several times.

Feeling better now?




Without conditions,

Without judgements,

Without barriers,

Without excuses.

Just let them

Melt away,

Like puddles on a sunny day


Just evaporate

Your self judgements,

Your barriers,

Your excuses,

Your doubts,

Your negative thoughts,

Your personal put downs.

Just let them go

Be unconditional to yourself.

Love yourself

Just take time now

To recall

Great memories,





As you replay each one

Really be in that film.

See it again with your own eyes.

Hear all those sounds again.

Feel in fully throughout your whole body.

Recall the exact time when it happened.

Do that again and again.

Recalling all those wonderful, pleasant times,

And in the recollection

Just be aware of how that makes you feel.

Learn from them.

Learn to love yourself

Once again.


You + self

Just take more time to think about loving yourself more.

Be interested in yourself.

Be excited about yourself.

Be enthusiastic

Be proud

Be alert

Be inspired

Be determined

Be attentive

Be active about yourself.

Just take the  time

To make yourself,

The No.1 priority for a change,

And when you do

Have a fantastic


Just Unconditionally Love Yourself.