Tuesday, 7 May 2013

May 13 Blog

May 13 Blog

M  - many options
A – accelerates you to
Y – your potential achievements

Would you like
 1 or 2?
2 or 4?
4 or 8?
8 or 16 options ?
You would like at least 8.
So why do you limit yourself to just one or two?

You feel safe.
You are in your comfort zone.

Really ?

You feel  comfortable being limited to just one or two options.
What do you really want?

More choices.

But you just said you feel comfortable with one or two choices.
It would be nice to have more.

More freedom you guess.


What speed do you live your life at ?
..With a bit of pace now and then?
..On and off the brakes?
So if you just had one or two gears and a brake you wouldn’t get far, or not as far as others.
If you had three or four gears you could make a bit of progress.
More options to move forward you might say.
Or what about having five gears, reverse and maybe cruise control?
..Or more?
Now we’re talking!
Look at the choices now to move on!

Your potential achievements/goals

Where did you say you were going?
In what direction?
What do you want to do next?
Do you know what you want to do?
Having a destination or goal is good.
Knowing where you’re going could be very positive.
Getting there with lots of options ....possible routes .. gives you a choice.
Using different gears to  get where you are going  is your choice, fast or slow, steady or at a crawl.
And you may like to think about it as you read this short story.
A youngster was walking along the road as usual into the village from his/her house. A route he/she knew well for no matter what the weather was, he/she stuck to the same route. One day he/she heard a bird singing. He/she looked up but could not see where the bird was. He/she looked and looked but could not see it
This happened two or three times and each time he/she could not find where the bird was. Then one sunny morning he/she saw the bird as it sang on a nearby branch of a tree to the side of the road. He/she paused to listen to it. Then he/she went on his/her way to the village.
The next day he /she heard the bird once again and saw it sitting on the same branch. This time the bird flew just a little way into the woods and the youngster decided to follow it. There was a narrow path below the trees so he/she followed the bird further into the woods. Eventually the path led to small clearing in the trees and the sun made it very warm and welcoming.  He/she followed the bird as it sang and flew from branch to branch and the path took him/her to the edge of the woods from where he/she could see the village. What a surprise!
The next day the young boy/girl decided to go into the woods alone. As he/she was walking along a squirrel crossed the path. He/she decided to follow it along another path.  The squirrel went into the woods and brought the young boy/girl to the edge of the village.
A few days later having tried each of the paths again as well as the road, he/she saw a deer and followed it into the wood on the other side of the road. He/she followed the deer along the path which brought him/her out at the edge of the village.
As he/she walked  on different paths each day he/she learned more and more about the woods, the trees, the flowers, the insects and other animals. Each day he/she learned more and more and told others about the sights and sounds and smells and how he/she felt. So the youngsterl looked for different routes of his /her own which led to the village.
Then he/she realised he/she could go further than the village... much further.