Thursday, 24 November 2011

Happy Christmas ?

The countdown has begun.
Has it not ?
Lights are going up in our towns.
Music is alreday filling the air.
Adverts persuade us to buy the lastest.
Looking forward with anticipation ?
Looking back with painful memories ?
For some it will be a time of excitement.
For others it just raises anxiety and stress.
In any crowd there is a sense of loneliness.
There will be those for whom Christmas just brings back dark memories.
Perhaps a breakdown in a relationship.
The break up of the family.
The loss of a loved one.
The loss of status.
The loss of a job.
As the time approaches so the anxiety and stresses increase.
The thought of being with relations ... but...
the fall out still remains.
Anxious about getting things ready .. perhaps it will be different this year ?
Perhaps ?
Stressed out because this is meant to be a happy time .
Meant to be ?
But the Christmas story is about a journey.
A journey with unknowns and with uncertainties.
A story about hardship in a crowded town.
About knock downs and rejection.
Trying to make the best of the situation was not easy.
The story shows the kindness and compassion....
of a complete stranger
The innkeeper.  who offered all that he had left.....
a safe place ... a shelter..
Perhaps the image of a child shows our own vulnerability in the world.
Our dependence on others.
It reveals aspect of of our human needs, care, compassion, security, safety, protection and positivity.
As children we come into the world and we are shaped by the world in which we live.
As adults our map of the world may be radically different.
Perhaps we can't trust ... because we've been hurt in the past.
We don't care ... because others don't seem to care for us.
We don't feel safe .. because someone let us down.
We don't feel positive because we are criticised all the time.
But for the rest of the year we muddle through somehow.
And then..
It's Christmastime once again.
The old anxieties begin to rise and the stresses increase.
We just allow this to continue again ... and .. again.
Perhaps now is the time to reflect on what specifically is the issue which causes that anxiety or stress.
On our journey through life we may need our own innkeeper... a person as yet unknown to us... to help us and to guide us.
Happy Christmas ?
Or not .
Maybe it's time
Maybe it's the right time to talk.... about the specific issue or issues that cause you anxiety and stress.
Maybe it's time to learn new strategies.
You have a choice...
which is good .. is it not?
You can continue as you are
do something about it.
A healthier christmas ?
It is possible.
That's up to you.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Stress Part 2

This follows on from my previous blog about stress. In recapping then there are certain categories of stress such as inherited from family situations,type A personality, stress from fears,awfulising and 'shoulds' and stress from inescapable pain.
You might experience stress because you repress and refuse to accept your feelings of anger, hurt or sadness.
You deny negative emotions. You do not acknowledge your true feelings. If it remains repressed the stress will become an influential factor of your life.
You experience stress because you are exposed to a specific incident or stimulus that overwhelms your physical, mental and emotional capabilities.
Expectations of you are seen as demands but you are incapable of fulfilling them. It may be part of your job or life that you feel unfulfilled. Or it may be a combination of several causes which become so monumental to cope with.
You may experience stress because of a dietary deficiency.
Certain foods cause our emotions to soar then dip eg sugar,caffeine and alcohol. A lack of vitamin B makes you more irritable. You may have a hit and miss diet from poor eating habits.
If you are female you may experience stress as  part of PMS.
Between 38% and 50% of women aged 18 yrs - 45 yrs experience Premenstrual Syndrome. The physical and emotional symptoms show themselves between 7-14 days prior to the onset of the period. Physical symptoms include sugar cravings, fatigue, headaches,weight gain and bloating. Emotional symptoms include anxiety, confusion, temporary memory loss and mood swings.

How can hypnotherapy help ?

By pinpointing the when, where and why of the stress, you become more aware of your response patterns. Thinking of positive, realistic replacement responses helps the subconscious mind so that it can be reprogrammed. In this way you can manage your stresses in a better more meaningful pattern because you have a far greater understanding of the underlying causes.

I am now offering talks to interested groups.

So if this seems a good idea to you , sounds sense and you feel good about hearing more about the potential benefits of hypnotherapy,psychotherapy and NLP then just contact me.

In the meantime..... take time to - stress ......yourself.,.......... and have a more stress free life.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

NLP is great news

I've just completed by training as a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming with Sugar NLP in Kendal with Ben and Neal. It was a fantastic experience both in terms of personal growth and professional development. I believe that NLP has given me a very powerful box of tools to help prospective clients with a range of issues. The most wonderful thing about using NLP is the speed with which change is possible and using it alongside pyschotherapy and hypnotherapy is a very poweful combination indeed.

I can now offer help and support using NLP within a variety of presenting issues which fall within the following categories:

unwanted behaviours,symptoms or habits
unwanted negative memories
not knowing what to do next
not being able to use skills in different situations
limiting beliefs
anxiety,fear or phobia
lacking confidence about the future.

So if you or someone you know needs help either now or in the near future just give me  a call on 015395 65893 or email me at

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Certain forms of stress are good for you e.g. anticipating a reward. However stress which begins to affect you is undesirable. Such a condition needs change. Although we can not change the world we can change how we react to it.

The first step is to look for the cause or causes of your stress reaction. There are 100's of stress factors and even though you may not know what  causes your particular stress it will probably fall into one of the following major categories.

*  You have inherited a model for stress.

You learn how to behave from watching others and what situations produce predictable behaviour patterns. If family members showed stress you would inherit it by copying the model.

* You experience stress because you have a type A personality.

  • Prone to your own overachievement
  • Habit of forcing yourself to work towards unrealistic goals
  • Consistently competitive
  • Constantly aware of time and prone to rushing
  • Quick to show anger
  • Cynical

Recognise yourself yet?

You are addicted to stress and such stress could act as a start for illness, particuarly heart attacks.

*You experience stress because of fears, awfulising and 'should'.

You focus on nightmares, catastrophising, worst alternatives produce a continual stress. 'Shoulds' are disruptive to emotional wellbeing. They are rules you believe you must live by: you punish yourself with condemnation eg ' I should be perfect'. You are living with an invisible list of burdens.

* You experience stress because of inescapable pain and discomfort.

This type of stress comes from a real cause. Both physical and emotional sensations are felt. You feel set apart, isolated, perhaps guilty and angry at being the 'sufferer'.

How can hypnotherapy help?

By pinpointing the when,where and why of the stress, you become more aware of the response patterns. Thinking of positive, realistic replacement responses helps the subconscious mind so tha it can be reprogrammed. In this way you can manage your stresses in a better more meaningful pattern, because you have far greater understanding of the underlying causes.

For further help with stress phone 015395 65893.

Monday, 10 October 2011

What is anxiety ?

Contrary to popular belief anxiety does not arise directly out of dangerous or painful situations. Anxiety actually arises out of the thoughts  in a given situation. It is the thought of the potential danger, not the actual danger that produces the symptoms of anxiety.

The model of anxiety is the situation (A) which gives rise to the thought (B) that produces the symptoms (C).
This ABC sequence can increase itself in a sort of loop, going round and round like a roller coaster. The feeling of anxiety itself becomes the stimulus for further catastrophic thoughts.

We make a second prediction for ourselves eg "I feel scared." This new catastrophic thought makes us feel even more anxious. This emotional escalation is less easy to stop in situations  we can not avoid. We feel that we are not in control and the situation might overwhelm us.

Our anxiety can be managed as long as the thoughts about the situation are realistic and accurate. If we overestimate the danger,  our anxiety will increase. We predict danger when none actually exists.

Escalation of anxiety has four distinct phases.

1. We make unrealistic self statements that keep us in a  constant state of alrm.

2. We begin to fear fear itself.

3. We reject our own feelings as the fear escalates.

4. We avoid any situations,persons, or things that create feelings of arousal or anxiety.

Fortunately there is a way to cope with the nightmare of anxiety and panic.

Hypnotherapy helps you to relax, accept the alarming symtoms, replace old irrational beliefs with new responses and shuts off anxious feelings.

For further support just contact me using one of the following options below.

Tel: 015395 65893


Mental health awareness is being raised this week.

If you have issues that affect your mental health and well being such as anxiety and stress than take action now.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

potential benefits of hypnotherapy

So once you've relaxed using hypnosis what are the potential benefits which hypnotherapy could bring to you.

The following is a list of possible benefits which professional, ethical hypnotherapy could give you:

it improves anaesthesia in the body
it improves sleep
it reduces stress and anxiety
it helps to control painful symptoms
it can help in the control of bleeding
it helps to control the heart rate
it is useful in partial age regression
it develops the ability to concentrate
it increases the capacity to learn
in compresses thinking and recall.

There are other benefits when using hypnotherapy

weight management, stop smoking
treats habits and phobias
helps with self esteem, confidence and motivation
helps with anxiety and panic
it helps with abuse,loss and separation
it can be useful in surgery and dental work
it is helpful with mild depression

Sunday, 2 October 2011

What can hypnotherapy do for you ?

Hypnotherapy can be used to improve your general functioning to make you feel better mentally, physically, emotionally and socially.

It is not harmful in any way. I am sure that you feel uncertain sometimes about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Perhaps friends have warned you about being controlled. Youcan not be made to go against your own values, beliefs.

The trance state can be ended by you the client. You choose to enter into it willingly so you can chose to leave it. The trance state of hypnosis is safe and the agreed suggestions which form part of the hypnotherapy have many benefits to offer.

The best thing to do  is try an hypnosis taster.

That way you will experience it for yourself and can come away feeling completely safe with assurance and a better knowledge of what hypnosis is about and how hypnotherapy could help you.

For further information just go the website address below:

Thursday, 15 September 2011

What is hypnotherapy ?

Ever driven a car ?
Have you gone from one to another along a familiar route ?
Perhaps you asked yourself 'how did I get here through all that traffic?'
You were in  a trance created by a familiar route.

Do you watch television ?
Missed the programme because your thoughts were elsewhere?
You were in trance.

We all have the resource of hypnosis within us.

Using hypnosis allows us to switch from our conscious minds to our unconscious minds.

Very important to remember.

You are always in control.

The real benefits come from being with a professionally qualified hypnotherapist who will use hypnosis .

I am  a qualified hypnotherapist.

I have helped many clients to achieve their outcomes.

Want to know more?

Just ask.