Monday, 10 October 2011

What is anxiety ?

Contrary to popular belief anxiety does not arise directly out of dangerous or painful situations. Anxiety actually arises out of the thoughts  in a given situation. It is the thought of the potential danger, not the actual danger that produces the symptoms of anxiety.

The model of anxiety is the situation (A) which gives rise to the thought (B) that produces the symptoms (C).
This ABC sequence can increase itself in a sort of loop, going round and round like a roller coaster. The feeling of anxiety itself becomes the stimulus for further catastrophic thoughts.

We make a second prediction for ourselves eg "I feel scared." This new catastrophic thought makes us feel even more anxious. This emotional escalation is less easy to stop in situations  we can not avoid. We feel that we are not in control and the situation might overwhelm us.

Our anxiety can be managed as long as the thoughts about the situation are realistic and accurate. If we overestimate the danger,  our anxiety will increase. We predict danger when none actually exists.

Escalation of anxiety has four distinct phases.

1. We make unrealistic self statements that keep us in a  constant state of alrm.

2. We begin to fear fear itself.

3. We reject our own feelings as the fear escalates.

4. We avoid any situations,persons, or things that create feelings of arousal or anxiety.

Fortunately there is a way to cope with the nightmare of anxiety and panic.

Hypnotherapy helps you to relax, accept the alarming symtoms, replace old irrational beliefs with new responses and shuts off anxious feelings.

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Mental health awareness is being raised this week.

If you have issues that affect your mental health and well being such as anxiety and stress than take action now.

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