Monday, 2 January 2012

Welcome 2012

Here we are again, the end of one year and at the beginning of another.
It feels different this time because this year is a leap year and we are hosting the Olympics.
Is it new you or same old same old ?
Perhaps it's time to consider what potential a leap year could offer.
L - look at and listen to yourself
E - Examine and evaluate your life
A- Activate your mind to take action
P - Possibilities exist for a positive outcome.

Take a good long look at your personal situation. Are you well emotionally, physically,socially and are you performing at your best ?
Yes to all these situations ? Sure ?
No - then listen to your inner voice as you take a long hard look at your self.

It's time to examine and evaluate what is happening for you in your life situation. Is it time for a change ? What would you like to achieve in 2012?
See the picture of what you would like to achieve. Make it bigger, brighter ,colourful and focused. Put yourself in that picture you created. Are you calmer, healthier, interacting better, achieving your goals?

If it looks right, sounds right and senses right ....... then do it.

Take action to achieve what you pictured before. That means having realistic goals; it means planning the steps to achieve them;what will it feel like when you have achieved them ,what will you gain, what will you lose; what is the next smallest step that you need to take towards achieving your first goal ?
There are endless possibilities which could be achievable by you.With a positive outlook working towards a positive outcome who knows what you could achieve.

Too much.
Baa humbug! Bah humbug !
Seek help and advice if you want to succeed.
There are key things for a healthier new leap year.


Making that New Year's Resolution may be not quite be as great a leap as you think.

Action be achievable
Positive and successful

The journey to a healthier YOU begins with the first small step.

You can
Emerge as an
Achiever by making the
Right decisions.

Add the digits together = 2+0+1+2 = 5


This could be part of your 5 STEP PLAN

Active more - as little as 8 mins daily- think of five daily activities you could take part in at home
Relax more - think of 5 ways to relax
Visualise more - picture yourself how you would like to be- and go for it
Drink water more often - we are after all made up of over 70% water
Eat a low GI diet - cut the sugar and salt out and eat more natural foods.

Have a healthy and prosperous New Year.