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Seek the
Inside you
Now and


When we are looking ahead, feeling positive, in harmony with our thoughts, it is amazing how well things evolve for us. What happens then when we keep looking  back, or standing still, when negative thoughts just swirl around us. When we feel discomfort, things look black or we listen to our inner critical voice.
What is it that makes the difference?
Seeking and searching for the difference between when we feel positive about situations and when we feel more anxious, can make the difference and with this knowledge and deeper understanding we can begin to move forward, look outward and feel better within ourselves.


We have energy within us and around us. So how do we use that energy?
How can we turn impossibility into possibility?
How can we turn discomfort into comfort?
How do we change being at dis-ease into ease?
We spend more energy keeping ourselves down, locked away in worries, anxieties, fears, habits and thoughts. Unlocking these negatives and releasing the potential which lies within each of us, will lead us to be more open to the possibilities around us.


Just for the moment, reflect on the skills you have acquired over your lifetime. Just make a note of the positive qualities you have. Just be open to the possible options you may have and don’t forget the support of your family and friends. Or look for new ways to improve your skills and qualities. Be flexible. Being more flexible gives you more choices and options. You already have within you countless skills, qualities and knowledge that perhaps you did not know you had. Ever second since you were born it is claimed that you have been receiving over 2 million bits of information using your senses. That’s a lot of resource to work with.


Just imagine using all those resources to make positive choices, to look ahead, to feel good about yourself, to make things brighter and lighter. So when you look inside yourself make the dark things  brighter, make the heavy things lighter, change the coldness into warmth and turn the critical voice into a motivator.


Do it now.
Act now – today- for really we only have this moment, because we live in the present.


You have the potential to grow. It lies within you.

As you read this short story consider how it might apply to you.
The landscape was covered in snow and ice. All was buried beneath a cold, hard layer. Nothing it seemed could penetrate that grip on the landscape. The icy wind blew and blew across this landscape, keeping it locked up. The sunlight was dim and pale and at times distant, covered in clouds for days and days. It looked as though the landscape would remain locked in this cold, unending, chilly blast.
Slowly the light grew stronger. Little by little the cold eased as warmth began to seep into the landscape. Hardly noticeable at first, as the icy cold wind eased, the clouds began to melt away and the blue sky appeared. Each day more light and warmth worked its magic on the landscape, even the wind grew warmer.
There were rainy days and they helped to soften the ice and snow. As the days became lighter and brighter, different sounds emerged as the ice and snow melted with the warmth of the sun. Then it happened!
What was once buried and locked away, opened up gradually. New shoots began to appear and soon the whole landscape was lighter and brighter, full of colours, growing and growing. Growing stronger and stronger, full of energy and sounds with wonderful smells of freshness and newness. Everywhere you looked the landscape was blooming, lively, full of energy, sounds, tastes and smells.

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