Thursday, 7 March 2013

March 13 blog

March Blog

M – otivation

A – dvance

R – each out

C – hange

H – elp yourself



Do you want to stop smoking?

Do you want to manage your weight?

Do you want to feel more at peace?

What do you really want?


What is stopping you?

Don’t believe you can do it?

Then it’s time for a new approach, a new way of looking at things.

Now is the time to spring into action.

Advance towards?

Are you yearning to go forward?

To improve?

Still stuck in your thinking, feelings or behaviour?

Then sort out your thinking ,feelings and behaviour

Reach out or reach in ?

Instead of looking out for help, search inside.

You already have resources within you to reach your goals.

You can not not  change.

You already have within you the many resources you need to achieve  your goal, or you can acquire them, such as skills, qualities, options and possible support.

Change for the better?

Do not be afraid.

Change happens all the time so just take one small step at a time.

Where are you now in your thinking, feelings or behaviours?

Where would you prefer to be?

Just think about the steps you would need to take and if those steps seem to be too large then just think of smaller achievable steps and before you know it you have created a small pathway of stepping stones to reach your goal.

Help yourself!

You and only you can make it happen.

Being motivated will enable you to make advances in your thinking, feelings and behaviour. By reaching within your own resources you will reach your goal, making the changes you need to make and in doing so you will help yourself.

Seek advice, look for support and do some research. Do something for yourself.


A stream bubbled gently up from the ground and began to trickle over the grass. Its way was barred by a leaf. So the stream just grew and grew in size until it was strong enough to carry the leaf along with it. After a while the stream lost the leaf. So the stream just wandered on its journey over the land until it came upon a fallen branch .The stream pushed and pushed against the branch but the branch would not move. It seemed too long to go round it and too thick to go over it. So the stream just kept bubbling away and gradually the ground under the branch began to move. Eventually the stream created a hollow under the branch  and so it was able to flow on again over the land.

After a while it came up against a rock. The stream pushed and pushed against it, but the rock did not move. As the stream grew bigger behind the rock it began to explore around the sides of the rock. Gradually the stream found that it could go round the rock on both sides and could join itself up again. Having got round the rock the stream continued on its journey across the land.

After a while it came to a dam which had been built across the land. The stream pushed up against the dam, but the dam did not move. So the stream grew and grew, searched and searched for a way to continue its journey. Eventually the stream grew so much it reached the top of the dam. It looked over the dam and as it grew a little more it was able to flow over the top. And as it trickled over the top, the stream noticed  more trickles flowing over the dam and they joined together as they continued onwards .










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