Thursday, 2 February 2012

Being Whole Again

Healthy Body
Outlook and opportunities
Learning and problem solving
Evaluation - feedback not failure

Wellbeing leads to being well. That means being well in the mind, body and spirit. As the late John Horner of Witherslack Group of Schools put it ' head,heart and stomach'. When all three work together in harmony they function positively and we are at our best. If any one of the three is experiencing discomfort then we will experience disharmony which restricts the benefits of our wellbeing.

Healthy bodies are the result of eating natural foods and having a wide variety of such foods,including fruit,veg,seeds, nuts, etc and reducing and eliminating our intake of processed foods which do not promote a healthy wellbeing. It also includes drinking plenty of water, the latest thinking being about 30ml for every kg you weigh.In addition taking part in daily activities promotes a greater sense of being well. Think of a rainbow for healthy eating and  of the natural foods to be found within each colour. Having such a focus provides learning, interest and variety. Taking just ten minutes a day of activity such as walking is a good place to start, especially if you have not done anything for a while. If you like it then repeat three times a day and gradually build up the amount of time. Just a warning if there are any health issues just check with your GP first.

Outlook and opportunities.

What's on the balance sheet ?
When we are outgoing and positive we have a great foundation for wellbeing. If we feel negative then this limits our wellbeing potential. Just try this exercise if this is how you feel.At the end each day for a week, make a list of all the good things that you have seen, heard, felt, touched or tasted. The list may be small but it's a start. The more we look ,reflect on and record the more positive we will become. This exercise will also help with our sleeping patterns.
Look for opportunities to be positive, look at the flowers growing, listen to the birds singing and feel the sun's rays on your skin. by looking for opportunities each day we will find them.

Learning something everyday happens because our unconscious mind takes in millions of bits of information each second.So when was the last time you completed a quiz,or crossword? Exercising the brain is just as important as exercising the body. The more we learn new things the better our brains will function. Why not learn one new fact each day ? Take up a new hobby or pick up an old one that you once did. Try problem solving as well because it gives our brains a good workout.

Evaluating  what we do is not about success or failure but about feedback. So as January ends and February begins what have we done to be more wholesome in 1/12th of 2012 ?

Realistically what happened to all the resolutions we made - fell by the wayside?

It takes the whole of us ( mind, body spirit) to make ourselves whole. It requires being healthy,eating naturally, daily activities, having positive outlooks and outcomes,learning and evaluation.

We  can't not change !

What could we  learn from our experiences in life so far?



Be active
Learn to relax.
Visualise more.
Eat healthily and drink plenty of water.
Learn more each day.
Problem solve regularly.

Will we be more wholesome in this an Olympic year?
Will we achieve what we set out to do and more?
Yes we could.
By doing each of the ARVELP suggestions our wellbeing will be much improved.
It starts right now, for now is all we have.

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